Monday, July 03, 2006

Juggling Life

Not sure if anyone else out there feels this way, but today I really felt that the art of juggling life, was definitely not going my way and that the balls were flying all over the place! Some days are fine, then others are just awful. This morning was one of those "yuck" kind of mornings. I work from home, have 2 small children, a husband that works away and in between all of that try and squeeze in some art......but saying all that, I wouldn't do anything differently!

I have a few friends who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and I asked one of these girls, what if anything she was doing differently since having her op to have the cancer removed (she is lucky and caught it quickly and doesn't have to have chemo).... She said that she is trying to spend more time nuturing herself. You know, when she said this, it really hit me. As I tend to think all too often, "oh you know when the kids are older I'll have more time to do this or that or the other". But what about now? How do we go about nuturing ourselves without feeling "guilty" about spending that time on ourselves??? If anyone out there has got some tips on how to go about this, I would love to know. Feel free to ping me an email.

A friend also sent this link out the other day and thought I would share it here - it has some fab pictures of scanned pages from old books..

Have a great day everyone

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  1. Hey Natalie,
    Breast cancer is something that really bothers me since 2 in my family have had it and one died from it. I have been procrastinating a checkup... but on the subject of life juggling, i don't know how other people do it but i can never fit in any art during the week as i'm always too tired. my favourite "nurturing" are yummy shower gels and that papaya body butter from the body shop... and fruit smoothies. :o)They really help at the end of the day. i really want to get a foot spa too lol.. :o)