Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nothing New

Nothing new as the sick fairy is still visiting our house at the moment. Also still progressing with the fat book.
Am thinking of working on some art dolls next and so am very keen to get stuck into those as have never tried them and am keen to give it a whirl.
Hoping everyone else is managing to stay healthy.


  1. Hi Nat

    Sending big hugs to you and your little ones. I am so enjoying the chance to see your art work through this blog as I rarely have time to browse through the group galleries. I have not seen most of this before.

  2. Thanks Julie, am excited about doing the art dolls. Starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel re the fat book, so am up for a new challenge.


  3. Hi Nat
    I hope Luc and Emm are feeling much better.
    Have been thinking about you a lot over the last couple of days.

    Take care
    Dot xx