Monday, July 24, 2006

What a Weekend

Today we arrived back from a weekend away in Marg River. We got to see our friends who have just had bub No3 and he is absolutely beautiful. What a baby, sleep, feed, sleep. Wish I'd had one of those!! He is just the most gorgeous little boy. Got lots of cuddles too!!

We went to visit our old farm and boy did that stir up some emotions I thought had long gone. Lots of eye leaking going on (on my part and a little with Emma) and also to leave Margs and our friends.

I feel so tired and drained, but I think that's because I cried so much, and also a little to do with this darn flu I have and can't seem to shake!! But it was well worth the 3.5 hr drive there and another 3.5 hrs back.

So no creative work done over the weekend, but have added an older ATC made a while back.


  1. Hi Nat,

    Nice colours, warm and soothing. Hope your over the weekend stress.
    Carmel x

  2. Hi Nat

    Was thinking about you over the weekend and you meeting your friends new bub.

    Glad you got lots of cuddles!

    Can understand why visiting your farm bought up feelings for you. And tears can be tiring and draining too. Your life has changed a lot Nat.

    Sorry to hear you have having trouble shaking the flu - not nice.

    I love this ATC and am the lucky owner of it :)

    Take care of yourself



  3. I love that ATC. Anything with a cat, I love. Wonderful piece. I've never made one, but I need to try. I have about a million playing cards I have saved up. Now I just need to do.