Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Babies are growing up!

I found this picture tonight, while looking for something else. It was taken just over 2 yrs ago, when Emma was 4 and Luc was 2. At the time we were living on the farm and so much has happend since.

I love this photo just because!

I really should take up scrapbooking! It's on the TO DO list of things I would like to find time to do ONE DAY!



  1. Oh Nat - what a gorgeous photo!
    Em and Luc look so happy and relaxed.

    Very nice photo - thanks for sharing it with us.

    Dot xx

  2. You blink and they grow.
    Before you know it your son will be shaving,(Master 15 in my life)and miss 9 will be asking to wear your shoes!
    Where does the time fly ???
    Lovely to find this photo and to be reminded how life moves so fast, so cherish the day.
    Hug to your beanies Natty
    Dawn xxx

  3. Shaving! I know blink and those years disappear so quickly. Big hugs to you and yours. Natxx