Friday, June 30, 2006

Another Baby Boy

Yay woke up to some wonderful news this morning, that my very good friend from Margaret River (where I used to live) has had a baby boy. Funny I rang her yesterday, cause I had a feeling she was either in the process of having him or had had him. No she said on Monday I'm being induced. Sure enough she went to bed last night and woke at 1am feeling ordinary and by 4am she'd had him. His name is Daniel Charles Mottershead and I know he will be just beautiful. It's number 3 for my friend and she already has a girl and boy. So it's more baby news and I must admit to feeling rather clucky myself. Anyway will get to have a cuddle and a hold of him next weekend, as we're making a trip down to Margs to stay for 2 days. I'm very excited about catching up with them all when we get there.

On another note to do with stamping/craft related, I cannot seem to find any silver star eyelets (as can be seen on this page attached - right hand side). I have looked and looked and looked. Are there certain products that are going out of fashion???? Shame as I use these eyelets a lot. If any one sees them and can grab them for me, it would be much appreciated!! Big hugs to all Natxx

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