Sunday, June 25, 2006

Children's Art

The scan attached is an ATC my daughter (6yrs) made for a swap on a junior group recently. The theme was ocean, hence the mermaid..... Dont you just love the freedom kids have when they do art. There's no restrictions on them and they just use colour however they see fit. No worrying about whether this goes with that or is this in the right place etc etc.... Emma has always been interested in art and has enjoyed being able to have access to mummy's unlimited supplies of stamps/paper/pens/scissors/punches and the list goes on. Sometimes I feel guilty when I look at all of my art supplies and how much I have, especially paper and stamps, then when I see one of my children totally engrossed in making something using one of these things, the guilt somewhat subsides and I feel joy and happiness at how fortunate we all are....
Hoping you are all having a great weekend.

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  1. Hi Nat

    Love Emma's ATC. She has such a flair for color doesn't she? And I love the freedom she shows in her art.
    And it is great that she has access to your art goodies. It must be very special for her to have such creative freedom (and such a great mum!).