Monday, June 19, 2006

Another Quiet One

My girl was still sick today, so another quiet one at home. Not that I do all that much during the week anyway (other than work and look after kids), but creative juices dont seem to want to flow. Anyway even if I did have something to give, I'm still progressing along slowly with the fat book covers and can't do anything else really until those are finished.

But I love the way that I can express myself in art. And as my husband so eloquently puts it - "It's what blows my hair back!". Sometimes I might feel under pressure to finish a swap, but truthfully, I love it and all that it involves. I love receiving others work and I love creating for others.

I've added another fat book page that I've worked on recently, the theme for this one is orange.

1 comment:

  1. Flowers always make me feel happy Nat, so this cheered me on yet another sick day.These fat metal books are going to be just yummy.
    Love the yellow girl too.
    Dawn xxx