Friday, June 23, 2006

Slow Times

It seems that everyone I know, either has the flu, or is just getting over it. My boy is now sick with it and has been for 2 days, so this whole week I have been housebound.

Thankfully DH comes home tomorrow, so that will give me a bit of a break and hopefully some time to do some more Metal Fat Book covers.

I have added the last of the colour themed fat book pages I have been working on for the ABC Group that I'm a member of. This one is themed red, but unfortunately didn't scan up to well, because of the clay face. My scanner doesn't like 3d or maybe it's the person operating the scanner I'm not sure.....


  1. Nat this is gorgeous! I would love to see this page in real life. Are all these coloured pages on one book, or are these your pages from a series of books?

    You must really miss your DH when the kids are sick. I hope you get time to relax.

    Hugs, Julie

  2. Hi Julie

    No this will be one gigantic book. We each do 10 pages for the one colour each month and then swap. We bind/do our own covers.... should be fantastic when finished. Indigo and violet to go which are both going to be challenging colours for sure.

    Thanks heaps