Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Getting the hang of it slowly

Still working on the covers for the fat book that I am hosting. It's a long slow process, but I hope that all of the work that has gone into making them, will be appreciated by the other ladies. I'm always my harshest critict and to me, every page that I have received so far, has been an absolute work of art! I would have to say that there is not one page that I dont like.

So I wont be doing any other art until this is finished. My aim is to get them back to everyone by the end of the month, so I wont be posting any recent art work until that is done. But I thought I would post some other pictures along the way...

This is an ATC done recently for a swap that I hosted called "Pointy Hat Party". Background is done using texture paste through sequin waste and left to dry. Then painted over the top with brown paint and some of it rubbed away with a nappy wipe. Once dry, I then put gold glitter glue over the top. I think the rest is pretty self explanatory.


  1. hi Natalie!!!
    I love this atc.. i've got him in my folder and he's my all time favourite. Great swap!!

    I linked you to my blog. Hope you don't mind. Waiting for it to update. seems to take a while .. hmm


  2. Hi Sulea

    Thanks for your lovely comment. I love love love your work. All of it and you are very talented. I'm enjoying reading your blog.

    Big hugs