Friday, June 16, 2006

What a great day

Today was a great day as I caught up with a creative friend of mine - Carmel Trigwell and our boys played and had some fun together, while we managed to scoff down some food and have a cuppa and chat about art and life. Carmel is a great gal, whom I admire greatly. Then tonight I joined some more arty/creative friends at Evelyn Watt's house. We have just recently started this group and have called ourselves Crazy Diva's! We have decided to meet on the 3rd Friday of every month. At the moment we are working on the small Collections tiles for whoever the host is. She picks a colour and or a theme and we each make 2 small tiles for her and then put together those tiles to make a lovely piece of artwork to hang on walls etc. I didn't take any scans of what I made tonight, but the end product looks something like the photo attached.

This was a gift I made for a friend Dot Christian, which I stuck a rather large magnet on the back of, so that she could stick it on her fridge (or not).


  1. Hi Nat

    So glad that you and Carmel had such a great day together.

    I am envious of your night at Evelyn Watt's house - am sure you had a wonderful time. Love the name ' Crazy Diva's' !

    I have your wonderful magnet you pictured up on my fridge in pride of place - it's lovely Nat.

    Have a great weekend - I have popped into work so check emails etc while my laptop is away being fixed (wahhhh).

    Dot xx

  2. Thanks Dot, it was a pleasure to make for you. Am finding it challenging working on those squares. But then I do love a challenge!

    Hope you're laptop is up and running again soon. Am loving your blog and Julie's very much.


  3. Nat this is gorgeous and I was lucky enough to see it in the flesh at camp. I so enjoyed meeting Carmel and Eve - and now KNOW you will have lots of fun and laughter as you create.

    Hugs to you