Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's how many weeks?

Xmas is how many weeks away?? Where did this year go to? I'm pretty sure I say that every year, but wow this year just has ZOOMED by.

I have made some quick Chrissy cards (see left for an example - gotta love those Bazil Basics) for my family and non stamping friends. I know slack me, but I am hoping to make some more "arty-er" type cards for my stamping buddies.

I also say that I'm going to commence making my Chrissy Cards earlier in the year, to stop that last minute panic setting in. But well ahem, it's not happend yet. The best I could do this year was late Oct. Better than last years effort where I made none and my family got store bought cards....


  1. hi Nat,
    Christmas is coming up too soon for my liking LOL. don't know how i'm going to get everything done by then. Thankfully i don't have to make christmas cards for family as no one is expecting it. I should really make a christmas list for my arty friends lol. love your quick christmas card, i think it's clever!!! mm brazills.... they are so yummy. and the colours you have chosen are so cool.
    ps. left a message on your red collage too. :o)

  2. saw this already last week and meant to ask what bazil basics are? good for you to make christmas card. and really like yours. will make none this year. i'm busy enough with a swap and a mail art exchange!! ahem ... i have bought a few xmas cards though, gotta support the industry! if i sent family and friends homemade cards every year, they's really expect them. gotta keep them special. :)