Monday, November 20, 2006

My babies are growing up!

Well this time next week, we'll be celebrating not one, but 2 birthday's. Yes my 2 were born on the same day. 27/11 - *sigh* 7 and 4 yrs old. My girl is almost as tall as me and well my boy was complaining tonight again of growing pains, so although he's had a slow start, he might rapidly catch up to her. I have spent the night making their birthday cards. Involved colouring in cute images with H2o's. Gotta love those sparkly pots of paint. One of the best and most versatile things I've bought in a long time.

This picture was taken 2.5 yrs ago and I just love it. Both have such baby faces compared to now. *sigh* again.


  1. how cute are they! i have a brother and a sister who are born exactly the same day, may 8 and are 2 years apart. isn't it amazing how fast they grow up? my sisters share pictures of their kids regularly and you can see a change every month. different though with those that live nearby and i see in real more often. and the kids will surely glove the sparkly h2o cards. those are great paints.

  2. This is such a gorgeous photo Nat! Such cuties. I didn't know Emm and Luc were born on the same date! (makes it very easy to remember their birthdays).

    Am sure the birthday cards you made for them are gorgeous. I love H2O'S too. So much fun to work with!!