Thursday, December 14, 2006

Art Created today at Dawny's House

Today was a fabulous day spent at my very dear friend's Dawn Thomas. She currently doesn't have a blog :-( although we have tried to convince her. Carmel Trigwell was also there (see blog link on side of my page) . Our children got to play in the pool, while the mum's got to do some creating!! Dawny let me use her oil pastels, and Carmel gave me one of her canvas boards to play with. WELL I am in love with these oil pastels and also this stamp!!
Thanks Ms Prawny for sharing your home, food and your knowledge!!


  1. ha, at the pool in december? lucky you! although it's rather mild here. this is gorgeous and i can see you had a splendid time. good for you! looks like you discovered new toys.

  2. This is that rubberstamp.

  3. You lucky thing you, getting to have a play with Dawn the prawn & Carmel! Lovely work as always Nat and LOVE that stamp too!

  4. Ooooo....I am so jealous of your day with Dawnie and Carmel!! I know you would have had the best time.

    This is beautiful Nat - well done!!

    Dotee xoxo

  5. Me too! Jealous that is. And this is gorgeous.

  6. WOW NAT!!! All your recent artworks are just gorgeous.. especially the oil pastels... mmm... maybe i should get mine out... Love the collage of yourself! it's funky!!