Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Skinny Book Page

Well this page didn't really turn out how I pictured it to in my mind, but this is how my fingers wanted it to turn out. After lots of mucking around, we got there in the end. Only 14 more to go of the same page! I must admit to not being too excited about the process of making so many of one design, but then when I get the completed and finished book back, with all of the artists work in it, I'm so thankful I made the effort and I immediately forget the pain of making 15 or 20 of the same page.

I have been wanting to use this Krafty Lady mould (the key) for a long time, as there's nothing worse than having to have something and then getting it, putting in the drawer and forgetting about it!! I do that often! Only I hadn't forgotten about this key, I just wanted to find the right place for it to go on my work.

There is some stamping on the background, only it just looks a bit blurred on this photo. I have been trying to use my neglected stamps a lot more lately. The wings are Artchix Studio.


  1. Looks great Nat! Very textural to look at.

  2. Nat, THis is so cool... a house with wings!!! i love it!!! Love the colours also..