Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day Art

Found a little time today to play with a canvas. It has been a very quiet day indoors, due to the heat. We have decided to venture outside after 6pm for a walk(hopefully it will have cooled off enough by then). Gotta walk off all the food consumed yesterday!!

This is for a non-stamping friend of ours, who we recently stayed with when in Margaret River. She says she likes my work, have sent her cards etc before, but never a canvas. So not sure how she'll take this one. Hope she likes it. A little belated Chrissy Pressie.
Hope everyone else has managed to have a relaxing day.


  1. Beautiful piece Nat! What is it that you've used to border the image? Looks great and I'm sure you're friend will love it.

  2. this is beautiful and i like the hot red! goes well with your temperatures i guess? :)

  3. Lovely - and I am sure your friend will like it!

  4. This is gorgeous Nat! Am sure your friend will love it. Beautiful, beautiful colors.