Saturday, December 09, 2006

Medieval Theme

Not my best ATC in the world, but was challenged this week to make an ATC with a Medieval/Celtic theme. Yeah well, have to admit it's not a stamp that I carry in my stash, but recently I purchased a plate from Non Seq and this lady/faith stamp were on that plate. Thought it fit the theme (well as close as I could get) and wanted to play around some more with the soot stamping technique (thanks again Kelsey for showing us this tech), so combined the two.
I get carried away with the flames and like to burn a bit of extra card stock. LOL
I have overstamped the soot stamping, with Stazon black to give it that almost haunted look.

*sigh* hope the recipient likes the ATC and thinks it's some what Medieval???? She's big into calligraphy etc etc, so hmmmmmm may be I'm thinking too much on this one....


  1. Looks great Nat.
    Love the pointy hat.

    Dawn xxx

  2. Great atc Nat, love the medieval guy, bet it looks great in "real-life"! Quick technique huh!


  3. Excellent Nat! Love this image from Non Seq. Am sure the recipient of this ATC will LOVE it!!!

  4. Oooh Nat it is great! Love the burnt edge - and now you have reminded me ot make mine!

  5. sure is beautiful! oh, meant to tell you to try and seal the soot cards. don't know if you can do it with hairspray (might work only to fix chalk). already see my fingerprint on your precious atc so it's in a clear envie now. duh me!