Tuesday, July 17, 2007

2nd Attempt at a Scrapbook LO and this time it's my own design!

So you may have read in my previous post, that I attended a class with our very own talented Tom Price scrapbooker - Jaimie Emmerton on Monday. Well it kind of gave me a little bit of a taste for this addiction that so many women get hooked on, plus I DO have endless supplies of embellishments and papers, collected over the years for my stamping/art work that I can use....... So I thought I'd make another LO. This time I went with my normaly grungy/messy style and I'm not sure if I did my daughters pic justice at all, but here it is...

Another dreadful photo of my work, but the exciting news is that our NEW camera is on it's way... ordered from Ebay yesterday. So I'm hoping that my photography work will just automatically improve with this transaction... .hehe I'm a point and shoot kind of gal and as Jaimie will testify from Monday's class, technology and I don't get along all that well. I managed to gunge up her sewing machine I don't know how many times, when everyone else could use it perfectly without a hitch! So I believe the software that comes with the camera is dummy proof (perfect for me) and that I need to get Photoshop??? Any tips on how to get good photo's, would be much appreciated :-)

I have some more photo's here I want to work with, so I'm hoping that I can combine scrapbooking now with my other art... but like I've said before, I just need a few more hours in my day (without losing sleep!).


  1. Jaimie8:58 AM

    Ha Ha - another one joins the fold! well done Nat ... see told you its addictive :o)

  2. Aaarrrrggghhhhhh........you've turned to the "bright side" Nat!!! We are the ones normally on the "dark side" but you've gone on over.....don't forget all about us with your new addiction...sob...sob...hehehe

  3. Wonderful layout :o)

  4. Great layouts, I can see Jamie's influence in the first one. You will probably find that one craft compliments the other and it can only expand your techniques.