Sunday, July 01, 2007

This and that

I just dont seem to have enough time or energy to make as much art as I would like too lately and I'm getting niggly. If anyone comes up with a formula for adding a few extra hours into your day without losing sleep, please let me know!! Working 2 jobs and having small children, plus trying to play sport and have some sort of social life, just doesn't leave enough time to do ART!!!

I was looking through some of my old work today (made nearly 3 yrs ago) and was deleting some of the scans off my hard drive. I was shocked at how bad some of the stuff was, but I guess we've all gotta start somewhere and at the time I thought they were ok.

Saying that, I came across this card which was the first thing I ever made that won a prize!! When that happend I was over the moon and my addiction to stamping/card making/art took off from there.

Our weekend was great and the weather here is just perfect ATM. I wish it could be like this for at least 10 months of the year and it would certainly make living here in TP a lot more bearable. But apparently air conditioners generally start going on again here in September!! Not looking forward to the summer months as it is, then I heard that and nearly fell over. Oh well, for now I'm just enjoying this beautiful weather and the fact that we are able to play and enjoy sport without dying from heat exhaustion.
DH and I played our mixed soccer on the weekend and what a game it was!! 6 goals to nil..... but the best part I have to share is, there were 4 girls on one team (mine) and none on the other (which happens to be the team my DH was put on) and we ended up having 2 extra players because "all the girls are on one team" and of course we are the weaker sex!! Well I scored a goal and one of the other girls did too and another set up quite a few of the goals that the guys got on our team. GO THE GIRLS!! At half time, they ended up taking one of our stronger male players and putting him on the other team, so that the guys could score some goals and we still beat em!! Seriously though, it was such a fun game and I really enjoy our Sunday's that are full of soccer and laughs. And believe it or not, the games are generally pretty even and social.
Hope everyone else had a great weekend.


  1. don't know how you do it Nat... but i only got 1 job and no kids.. and i am too tired generally during the week to fit in any art. your art of late has been fantastic though and you always choose interesting colour schemes that make me inspired and think. :o)

  2. Sounds like you're fitting in nicely up there Nat, though think I'd drop one of the jobs to fit more time in for art ;-) Been loving the chunky pages you've been sending down for our swaps....gorgeous!!!

  3. the card looks perfect! ideal for monochrome. i feel like sulea and do admire those that seem to fit it all in. don't sweat it.