Monday, July 16, 2007

It's been a while...................

But I have something to share!!! Today I went to my very first scrapbooking class :-) Thanks to the wonderfully talented and gorgeous Jaimie Emmerton, who patiently showed a group of us gals how to put this fabulous page together. We all made it our 'own' slightly and it was great to see the difference a picture makes to the LO (lay out for those that dont know Scrapbooking terminology). Jaimie designed these paper flowers, isn't she a genius!! AND she shared how she does it with here's my take on Jaimie's LO, using a pic of my Number 1 girl - Emma who was 6 months in this pic.

Sorry for the blurred bit on the photo, it's not on the original LO. I couldn't take this photo earlier on today as I had to work, but I couldn't wait to share, so I took the photo tonight. Oh and the most excitement thing!!! IS we are buying a new camera.... so hopefully better pics of my work on the way :-)

Check out her blog for some other magnificent eye candy.


  1. Oh nooooo! you've given in to the dark forces!!! *Ü*
    nice though.....

    *sigh* another one assimilated! LOL!


  2. Oh Nat - you have crossed to the other side ... That said, you do it beautifully! I like the fact you have kept the photo the focus and thsoe flowers are great.

  3. Wow, those flowers look absolutely amazing. Great lo.