Wednesday, September 12, 2007

4 x 4 - Art Deco

Ok so this is DEFINITELY not a theme I would normally work in or with, so it's been absolutely FABULOUS to go out of my comfort zone. Thanks to Kelsey for selecting this for the ABC group.

So what do you think, is it Art Deco (ish) enough??

Any opinions welcome.

Have a great day

ps I'm loving my new Cuttlebug :-) I've used it on the last 4 x 4 page (Gothic) and for this page with the lettering


  1. the cuttlebug for the lettering ... is it expensive and do all letters from the alphabet look that cool? wowza! oh, and this is quite a funny page! very very cool

  2. Yep, this looks great Nat! The lettering really suits this style you're looking forward to getting some more of your chunky books back? If only the girls would hurry up and catch up you could have some more ;-)

  3. Fantastic page Nat! I am amazed at your versatility!

  4. I really like is quite an attractive piece, I could actually imagine it on a huge canvas