Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Gothic Arch Book

Recently I put out a call for people interested in doing a Gothic Arch Page Swap with me. Well the response I got was AWESOME and now that they are all finished and posted off to their prospective homes, I'll post some pics of the work received.

Def some eye candy here -

Above page by Belinda Schneider

Above page by Carmel Trigwell

Above page by Dawn Thomas

Above page by Dot Christian

Above page by Jacky Williams. She doesn't have a blog but should have one!!

Above page by Jenny Crossley

Above page by Julie Quinn.

Above page by Kelsey O'Mullane

Above page by Lynne Larsen

Above page by Michelle Smith

Above page by Shari Schneider. Shari did 12 different pages for this swap, which you can see on her blog.

Above page by Sulea Lee

Above is the front cover made by me

And finally my page made for this swap


  1. Jacky1:49 AM

    Wowza.... I couldnt resist Nat !!!
    These look fantastic. What a great swap. Thanks so much for running it.

  2. haha i also had to peak!! Another treasure and it will be an honor binding it

  3. hI nAT, They look wonderful. Sort of wishing I'd signed up now. Have you heard about this site http://gothicarches.blogspot.com/
    they have a weekly gothic arch challenge. I recognise some of the names from WS.

  4. I couldn't resist either! Such a fantastic array of artists and art! I will treasure each and every page.

    You are such a gem to organise this.


  5. oh can't wait to get my hands on these! scrummy yummy cheers, Carmel xxx

  6. woo-hoo!!! this is going to be one awesome little book....now for the challenge of "how shall I bind this beauty?". Thanks for doing this Nat, not like you haven't got a million other things on your plate! lol

  7. What a fantastic challenge, and so many wonderful works of art. Quite the talented bunch aren't you.


  8. Nat, these are all just so delicious. I have been back for a look twice and still can't find the words to tell yo how much I admire this body of work.

  9. Julie Q8:28 PM

    I just got my pages back for this swap and am totally mind blown by the artwork. What a glorious swap you hosted Nat, thanks so very much for running it. Thanks to all the very talented artists who contributed, I'm in awe!
    Now the tricky bit 'how on earth will I bind it, and do the pages the justice they deserve'