Friday, September 07, 2007

Look at all of my yummy goodies

From this gorgeous gal...............

and this wonderful card -

The bracelets and earings I bought off of Julie, but the other goodies she has generously shared with me. Julie I'm in total awe of how clever you are!!

Please check out her blog if you havne't before, to see all of her awesome work... not only jewellery, but other mixed media art.


  1. too cool miss natty.Not fair cause I wanted the bracelet and earings with the stone. love them HEAPS.
    Lucky gal thats for sure.Quite a stash of juicy stuff too.
    Gotta love that girlie JH.

    Enjoy your treasures

    Prawn xxx

  2. Isn't Julie the best? She told me you had commissioned some of her jewellery and I am sure it is even more beautiful in the flesh. Love all the extra's she sent to you too!