Monday, September 24, 2007

Puzzle Swap

I have been busy in the last week and a bit, finishing off pieces for a swap being hosted by a friend of mine, Annie. She doesn't have a blog, so can't give you a link, but let me tell you, she is one talented lady and I was chuffed that she asked me to play in her swap.

Themese were chosen by each person and we all had to make 2 pieces for each person.

Ok mine should be in the post to each person in the next day or two. Just have to stick labels on the back of the puzzles with name and details etc, so if you are in this swap and you dont want to spoil the surprise, look away NOW!! LOL


  1. nat, this looks awesome!!! will it be broken down into pieces or will it stay whole? would make great collage elements as well.

  2. OH OH !!!
    I had to look Nat this is so beautiful.Cant wait to get mine!!!

  3. Jaimie Emmerton10:52 PM

    Seriously amazing project Natty. gorgeous

  4. Pretty super stuff Nat !
    looks like you girls are going to be thrilled with this swap.

    Thanks for sharing

    Prawnie xxx

  5. Oh this seems such a shame to break it up but I'm sure the bits that you get back are going to be awesome as well! Love it!!!

  6. Julie Q9:56 PM

    Wow!! Nat these are just fantastic. What an awesome swap to be in, I bet you can't wait to see your returns.

  7. Oh Nat this is outstanding! I am wishing I could touch this one - what a lot of wonderful detail on difficult little shapes.

  8. Hi Nat - I managed not to look and today I received my two stunning pieces!! Thanks so much. The whole puzzle looks awesome together - you have done such a wonderful job!

  9. WOWZERS!!!! Nat this is Devine!