Monday, March 31, 2014

5 Craft Supplies I am Crushing On Right Now

Dick Blick  is my favourite art supply store of all time. They have a huge range of goodies that a lot of online Aussie Stores just don't stock. But the biggest killer for me is postage. 

So as this is a twice yearly purchase for me (because of the hefty price of postage from USA to Aus), I have a little ongoing wish list of yummy goodies that I intend to buy when that 6 month mark rolls around. 

Currently I am crushing on quite a few items, but here are my top 5 yummies:-

I currently have a few of the fluro colours, but I want them all!. They are so much fun to use,
not to mention the gorgeous colours that are available. 

These are water colour pastel pencils and again I just am so in love
with the colour range.

These are my favourite brushes of all time. I can honestly say that there are probably
better more expensive brushes out there (that I may one day discover and fall in
love with too), but for right now, these are well and truly my favs.

I know I know, these look a bit scary. But I really truly can't wait to use
my Liquitex spray paint on these stencils, to see what cool background affects
I can make.

WANT SO BADLY!! especially the fluro colours. 
These paints would allow me to use them in (refillable) brushes and or marker pens,
or in water spray bottles without them clogging up!

So that's my crushes lately. 
Feel free to share any of yours

As always thank you for taking the time to 
read my little blog.

and ps on a little side note, I do support
a lot of Aussie Online Stores, I just like to 
get a bulk order of supplies from one place
at one time, twice a year.

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