Monday, March 10, 2014

On being a total Techy Nube

The Urban Dictionary states Nube as being -

 Someone so pitiful and idiotic that they have not even the 
meagre skills to be titled a noob, they are now a nube, 
derived from the word nub, derived from stub.

Um Ok.. pretty harsh maybe, but definitely how I am feeling 
when it comes to designing my own website. I purchased a package off the net
thinking that this would be the easiest and most simplest way to get a website up 
and running for a 'non techy' brain like mine
But ***cough*** after stumbling at the first hurdle 
and not being able to get past the templates page without thinking that
"I could quite possibly be the dumbest person on the planet",
 I have had to hold up the white flag and admit defeat
(well for now anyway) and get back to spending any spare time 
that I have,  doing what I love the most 
- painting and creating art.

So late Sunday afternoon the weather had cooled and I decided to drag a  
canvas outside to work on. Here are just a few pictures of 
a work in progress (WIP) of my latest painting titled -

Thankful for My Sister

Photo above is the canvas (size is 36 inches x 48 inches)
with text glued down and a light coat of white gesso

adding first layer of paint

had to move undercover as it started to rain and here I am above
writing the words love, truth, believe, hope

A few extra layers of paint and some dripping of red paint

now splattering some red paint
(note my trusty companion... 
who ended up with a red tail and drips all over her)

Same background, it's just been covered
over in black paint (the underneath colour
will reveal itself later down the track) and a girl
sketched in with chalk.

added some definitition with pencil and some gesso

and now her twin sister has been added.

Lots more work to do on this painting and I can't wait 
to see how the twins develop.

So on an end note, 
this blog will be sticking around for now,
but over the next coming weeks or so,
 I'll try and add bits and pieces to it, to get it to look 
more professional and 'website' like. 

As always 
thanks for taking 
the time to read 
my blog

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