Monday, March 17, 2014

On the Feeling of Selling Out

A little bit of progression on a piece I am working on at the moment - 

started off looking like this -

and now is looking like this -

lots of work still to be done on these girls

Titled - Wild Wood Twins

So on another subject or should I say, relating back to the Title of my post...

recently I started a shop up on Fine Art America. 

I have been reluctant to do this in the past for two reasons. 

1) I didn't think my work was good enough to display to the whole world,

 let alone ask money for it.... I mean I have sold pretty 

much all of my previous work to either friends, or family 

(or friends of friends or friends of family) and a little at a local exhibition... 

but were they all just being nice in wanting to buy my artwork??


2) I kind of felt like even if I did get to the stage where I felt my art was 'good enough',

 was I selling myself out, by wanting to make a little bit of money from my art??

Yes it's been a battle of the mind for sure.

But finally I came to the conclusion that

"If I don't give it a red hot crack, I'll just never ever know".

So that's how I arrived at finally taking the plunge

and starting up a shop.

So if you like my art, please feel free to drop by my shop

and also if you feel so inclined, please share my 

link with your friends.

And as always,

thank you for dropping by 

my blog xx

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