Saturday, March 01, 2014

On an Evolution of a Background

I try and mix up my method of working on a background with every painting that I do,
 but sometimes I must admit I do get a little obsessed if I discover something new 


So this is visual diary of my latest obsession

 Picture above, taken after all of the different papers have been glued down
and a thin coat of white Gesso brushed over the top to give it some (teeth) 
and to also give the paper a little more of a seal.

*****Apologies for the shocking photo (it's 40 degrees C outside and the sun was a little
 bit bright on the canvas which I did not discover 
until I went to post this photo, but thought I'd share it anyway)*****
Next layer is cool colours (blues, greens etc) applied with acrylics and stamps
also some spray paint and stencils

The state of my back yard!

The next layer is applied of warm colours (reds, oranges, yellows)
again using stamps and spray paint and sometimes spritzed with water to make them 
bleed out a little.

and even more warm colours added.

and here I've added some drops and flicks and a little more
spray paint in cool colours. Over the top of that I've then added
some black spray painted lettering
and also some flicks of white paint and let it drip.

So I had to share this photo. Firstly it's a little toot toot to my 
daughter who made this stamp herself for me in school. 
It is one of my favourite tools to use.

Close up of some of the texture 

And so now I then proceed to cover most of it up!

haha I can hear you all saying, but why go to all that trouble
only to cover half of it up again..
Well for me it's all about texture baby
and all these layers of paper and paint, create
the most yummiest of texture.

As always
thank you for taking
the time to read my blog

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