Monday, May 07, 2007

An Amazing Gift that took my breath away!

I wish that I was more poetic with my writing, as I feel as if words fail me so often, especially when describing something beautiful. Today is one of those days. I received this absolutely amazing gift from my friend Julie Hetherington and feel at a loss to describe it's beauty. The love Julie has put into making this is obvious from the picture, but in the 'flesh' it is so intricately put together and all my favourite elements are included, it is just beautiful. And like I say, I wish I could describe it more poetically (sorry Julie) but believe me when I say, that this piece of amazing jewellery, has just blown me away!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Please visit Julie's blog if you haven't before, as her work is outstanding and so varied and I must admit that I wish I was able to turn my hand to as many art forms as Julie is able to. THANK YOU so much Julie for thinking of me and sending me this wonderful gift because you knew I was sad about not being able to go to camp. :-) Big hugs to you..... Natxx


  1. Wow, this is truly amazing Nat! What a wonderful gift....but you have to remember, what you give out comes back to you ten-fold,...this is just another reminder how special you are to us Nat and how much you are missed.

  2. I knew Julie was making this for you and have been looking forward to your reaction when you received it! It is an amazing piece of jewellry. And you deserve lots and lots of wonderful pieces of art.

    I agree with Kelsey that this is a reminder of how special you are.

    Julie is a wonderful person and I think this is so thoughtful and generous of her. Will give her an extra hug from you when I see her.

    Ane you have expressed your feelings beautifully Nat....

  3. A beautiful piece for a wonderful girl. I knew this was your's too my lovely.Yes what goes around, comes around, and isnt jules just the best at this. I take my hat off to her as whatever she turns her hand to , she excels.

    Enjoy your superb treasure Natty.

    Hugs Dawnie xxx

    Your Gal looks super in her uniform. She looks so happy.

  4. Nat, that is totally awesome. So glad you were the recipient of this amazing piece of jewellery. Julie is just so talented with everything she does. just beautiful work!