Saturday, May 05, 2007

First Game of Soccer - Warning Proud Soccer Mum

Soccer is very big up here in Tom Price and my kids both decided they wanted to jump on board that wagon. Their first training was last week and their first 'official' game was today. Unfort I didn't get a pic of Luc in his uniform as we forgot to take camera this morning and we gave back his shirt to his coach. So next week I'll take a photo and put it up here.

Emma for some reason was able to take her uniform home, so we took this photo just now when we got home. My girl kicked the only 2 goals for her team today!! Whopeeeeeeee, proud soccer MUM here...

Have a great sunday.



  1. Hi Nat, well done Emma - insure that foot lol. Lorcan had his first game too this morning, but he spent a fair bit of time dancing/singing and doing windmill arms - but he did get a few kicks. It was a hoot and we had a 2 all draw. Taidgh also started netball and scored 5 goals! only boy on the team but happy. See ya soon. Hugs, Carmel xxxx

  2. Way to go Emma!!! aaaaahhhh, I remember the days of footie training 4 nights a week and a game on Saturday with Jarred & one on Sunday with Cort. Good times, but glad they're over too ;-)

  3. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Woo hoo ... my Alyssa wants to take up soccer too (cos she knows how much Dad loves it) but she's only 3!! Emma looks pretty happy in her soccer gear!

  4. Great pic Nat! Emma looks very pleased with herself. As she should be with 2 goals (way to go Emma!). It is great that the kids are getting involved in Soccer up there.

    Sounds like you are settling into life in TP!

    Bet Luc looks cute in his uniform too :)