Monday, May 21, 2007

I've been tagged......

by Miss Dawn P..... As part of the tag we have to share a pic of our craft desk/space. Many would probably not believe, that I actually did a bit of a tidy up last night before I went to bed, as I wanted to lay out the current fat book pages I'm working on to dry, without them getting all squished/ruined. So this is a 'clean' version of my desk. Normally it's covered in bits of paper, glue, pens, just general rubbish.... but oh so important rubbish!!

So here it is -

Now I think I have to tag 4 other people, so join in the fun Jaimie, Dotee, Kelsey and last but not least France. Looking forward to seeing your creative spaces.


  1. ooooh, how very neat your desk is Nat! Think my table is "between projects" at the moment so is probably messy....never mind... ;-)

  2. way too clean girl! I think I have desk envy lol. Cheers, Carmel