Saturday, May 19, 2007

More Soccer Photo's to Share

Here's my 4 yr old boy, looking very professional before his game today. But have to admit, he's more interested in talking to his mates and pretending to be Ninja Turtle, than the game. *big giggle* but gosh they are cute at this age!!

Emma was goalie today and did a fantastic job. Shame but they only had 4 players on their team today, so it was quite tiring for the team who weren't able to come off at any time during the game. They did really well, but lost to the other team.

So that's been our Sunday so far. John and I play this arvo, although I have a cold, so I dont know if I'll end up playing. We're becoming a weenie, teenie, bit addicted to Soccer!! Watched the FA cup last night with a group of friends and it was so much fun. Lots of shouting at the tv going on, but Manchester United (who we were barricking for, simply because that's my hubby's grandfathers team) lost.

Have a great weekend all.


  1. they look great nat! didn't realize soccer was more known down under. that's fun, especially if kids enjoy it.

  2. Nat the kids look great - and - after spending part of Saturday morning watching two pre-school teams compete, I relate. It was so funny, and sweet and healthy.

  3. Nat your kids look so happy and healthy! Living in TP obviously agrees with them...

    Sounds as if Emma is a natural at soccer.

    Look forward to seeing pics of you and John in your gear next *wink*

    Hope the cold didn't take hold..