Thursday, May 03, 2007

Beautiful Canvas from Debbi Baker

This stunning piece of art is from the very talented Debbi Baker. Debbi does the most amazing work and is featured in US publications regularly and is on the Oxford Impressions Design Team. Her work blows me away (and always has) and I have been a big fan for a long time (since I first started stamping 2 and a bit years ago). Recently she started a blog and I was over the moon, as now I can drool over her work more regularly.

I love love love beeswax (although dont play with it often enough) and Debbi has coated the top of this lovely collage with it. Love the smell, love the texture, just love it all Deb!! Thanks so much.


  1. Gosh Nat - I am blushing all the way from here to there! Thanks for all the lovely things you've said, you have made my day, big time. PS More than anything though, I am glad you liked it! Debbi B

  2. I totally agree Nat I have always Loved Debbi's work for as long as I can remember,she always inspires me alot.
    Im glad she is now one of us a blooger so we can see and enjoy her work