Friday, January 09, 2015

Deer Frida - From Start to Finish

I like to share the journey of a 
painting on my blog for two reasons

1) As  a record for me personally to 
go hey, it started looking like a hot mess
and evolved into either a bigger
hot mess, or something I can
be proud of.


2) To maybe serve as inspiration
to other artists out there that
maybe get a little thrown off
by the way a painting first
starts off. My tip is to 
just keep going, until your
gut says it's happy!

First layer of papers

Frida and the baby deer
sketched in.

a little more sketching and development

A close up of the texture

and the deer

Side view

and the end product

Deer Frida
20 x 24 inches

As always
thank you for
popping by


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