Sunday, January 18, 2015

Serena - a DO OVER or RE-WORK

7 months ago, I painted the first version of "Serena"

at the time I loved her so much
and was lucky enough for a lovely
lady who owns a clothing boutique
to reach out to me to ask it would be
ok to hang her in the shop.

7 months on and it was time
to bring Serena home. After
not having seen her for that long 
and my tastes having changed so
much in that time, I felt like 
Serena needed a do-over.

So here's a few progress photo's of 
the re-work in action.

So above is the 'cover up' period ;-)

the beauty of acrylic paint is 
that if you don't like something
you can paint over it. I have ZERO
experience with oils, so cannot 
comment on whether or not it is easy to
paint over a piece you don't like.

Extended her hair
fixed her face
added a head band
changed the background
and most importantly
added a MONO BROW!
and phew I felt like
it was a huge difference

A little more work

and the transformation is complete!

I love the Take-Two Version

As always thanks for popping by


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