Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Soul Mates - a Work in Progress

It may seem a little weird
(but that's ok, cause I'm a little
coo coo ka choo sometimes)
... but I like to share
the process of my paintings from
start to finish. 
And also my inspiration
for why I painted a certain

So here's the story, I was running
along one morning, kind of meditating  on a
commission piece, I had been asked
to paint. 

My friend wanted red birds
in the painting and she didn't mind
where they were or what they 
were doing, she just wanted
red birds. 

AND BAM, This happened ---->

so now I had my inspiration,
I was off on a mission.

Beginnings of the background

More colour to the background

A close up of the finished birdies

and the finished product


24 x 36 inches

and there you go, sometimes
inspiration happens in the weirdest of places.

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