Sunday, October 01, 2006

Collage finally finished from Sulea's Art Day

Yay finally finished my collage from Sulea's wonderful day. Comment from my husband. You love those pointy hats/crowns dont you! So might be time for me to start taking them off my work....LOL I do tend to get a "thing" for certain items and use them and use them, until I can't use them any more.

Thanks to Carmel, Ann and mostly to Sulea for such a wonderful day. Sulea has the best craft room!


  1. Oooh Nat what gorgeous colours and I do love that background. As to the pointy hat - I say keep doing it as long as you keep enjoying the effect!

    I do envy your time crating together - each time you produce something beautiful.

  2. Oh she is beautiful - those stars have had many reincarnations lol - now I hope you win a prize. Cheers, Carmel - oh yah Eagles whoo hoo

  3. Ooooh Nat - I LOVE this!! You have done such a great job on our collage. The colors are gorgeous. I laughed at John's comment about you liking pointy hats and crowns! I think they are very you :)

    Like Julie, I envy your time creating together. I really wish I had people over here I could create with. Just have to hang out to my trip to WA next year!!
    Well done Nat, it's fabulous!!

  4. Thanks ladies. I'm going to miss these lovelies when I'm in TP and will be the one envying them!! All those girls are so inspirational, I feel very blessed to have met them all. Helps that one of them is my SIL too...who by the way introduced me to all this wonderful stamping stuff! Big hugs to you all and thanks for the supportive comments! Cheers nat

  5. Nat, your collage is gorgeous!!! i don't see any of those large stars anywhere.. hehe :o) Is it possible to be sick of pointy hats and crowns? i hope not!!!!! :o)

    hope you win a prize too!!! does it work by voting???

    love and hugs