Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The slime catchers!

Well another busy day of the school hols. Not sure about the kids, but I'm knackered. Today we went to Kings Park (large park located in the city of Perth) and met up with some friends who had brought along their grandchild - Mark (pictured left). Luc, Emma and Mark got along like a house on fire and here is a pic of them catching slime out of one of the duck ponds at KP. You can see the sheer joy on their faces. Funny out of all the things to play with or on at the park, they chose to get a long stick and collect slime out of the water. Yes they did get mucky, but they had fun and that's what it's all about.

Brilliant day!


  1. Oh Nat they so look sooo happy, and brave you to let them be - that slime grosses this grown up farm girl out.

    Loved your post about roller skating too. What fun it was.

  2. I agree with Julie they look SO happy! You are such a good mum to let them have fun like this.

    Slime is good!