Sunday, October 15, 2006

White Fat Book Page

When I think of white, I think of simplicity, so that's why I guess my page is pretty bare. But I kind of follow the KISS principle anyway.

So only 9 more of these pages to go and that's the last of our fat book! Only thing left to do, will be to put this beauty together and to create a front page for it. I have loved every page that I've received from these girls such variety and style. I have loved the challenge of going out of my comfort zone with colours. I have loved getting together once a month with a great bunch of gals, to share ideas, techniques, coffee and a general chit chat. I have loved the positive feedback given to one another. So in brief, I've loved being a part of this swap! LOL.


  1. This is beautiful Nat. I love the simplicity of the images. Is that paper you have used for the background?

    I know you have been working on this project for a long time. Am sure the finished product with all the glorious colors will be well worth the time and effort:)

    Well done you!

    Dot xx

  2. Hi Dot, yes it's a collections transparency, that I've copied on the computer and printed onto plain white paper. I love it! Thks for your lovely comment.

  3. this is simply stunning! white would be most challenging to me. brava

  4. I think it's absolutely gorgeous. I love working with whites and find it to be a challenge, but the end result is so soothing - just like this lovely piece.

  5. I love white and this this page is absolutely stunning.

  6. I love your art work and this is a great peace and I also love the color white. I am a woman from Netherland and I cannot speak your language but I try to do it!
    Greatings from Rini Boer.