Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A very exciting day for me!

OMG I've been published in a magazine and I'm so excited!

Just recently, Australia lost one of it's "arty" magazines - The Rubber Gazzette - for various reasons the publishing company decided to no longer produce it. A very sad day let me tell you. So thankfully the very talented Janine Anderson - took up the challenge to start a new magazine -Auzzart Zine and in record time, she has put it together and it has just today been released.

A call for artwork was sent out by Janine soon after she announced that she was going to start this new mag and I sent in a few samples, not holding out much hope. BUT she immediately responded and said that she liked my Queen of Butterflies canvas (see attached pic) and asked me to do a write up on it (ie how I basically made it). Keeping in mind, that I'd never ever been in any type of magazine or publication, I was trying my best to remember every detail and step I did for this canvas, so it was a huge learning curve. The main point I learnt from this experience - write every step down as you do it. Not try and remember a few weeks later!!!

I have to say that this zine is fantastic, and full of all the things I love in a mag. Go Janine!


  1. Oh, Nat - how exciting!!! Am thrilled for you!! This is uch a beautiful work of art. No wonder Janine wanted to feature it in her magazine.

    A bit yay for you!!!


    Dotee xoxo

  2. Nat congratulations! I love this piece.

  3. congrats on this gorgeous piece! good to know there's a new magazine there though.

  4. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Hey Nat

    You go girl! Big hugs and congrats on this - how very exciting!!

    And you ask if you are talented.... *grin* I think we all can agree you most certainly are!