Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Roller Skating and flash back's to the 80's

Today I took my DD (6.5yrs) roller skating. We had a fantastic day! I had major flash backs to the 80's and when I skated as a 15 yr old. I kept being thrown back to 2006, with "mummy you're skating too fast for me" and "mummy you're not listening". What a joy it was to enjoy the thing that I'd loved doing so much when I was younger (but had forgotten about) with my daughter today. Note to self, take DD more often. Skating was so big in the 80's! We had a roller skating rink right up the road from where we lived and my friends and I went there every weekend if not twice a weekend.

The laugh of the day. I got through skating without landing on my big behind once, but went grocery shopping afterwards and in my mad dash to unload groceries into car without getting saturated (a sudden downpour occured whilst trying to do this), I slipped and fell on my knee. Another note to self, wearing thongs in rainy weather, is a hazard!

Another pic (seems like so long ago) of my daughter when she was 4.5 yrs.

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