Monday, October 09, 2006

Not much creating done

Have not managed to do much in the way of creating in the week and a bit since school hols started. Flat out! Buttttttttttt the kids are exhausted and so am I, so it beats sitting around being bored.

The pic attached is a slide mount I did for a swap a few months back. Not a very good scan, but I quite liked the end result. stamp pressed into texture paste, which had coated the slide. Copper Rub and buff then rubbed over the top. I have a white fat book page coming up and am thinking of doing something similar on the page. Good old texture paste, you can do so much with it!


  1. hi Nat, i really like this too. Gorgeous background and the centrepiece! looks amazing.


  2. Nat this is gorgeous. You always inspire me - and that background has my head off on another tangent again.