Saturday, April 14, 2007

Can't stop making these Post It Note Holders

After seeing how fabulous my friend France's Post It Note book holders looked, I asked her if she could share how she made them with me. Being the absolutely wonderful wealth of knowledge she is, she decided to type up some instructions to share with everyone. So please feel free to click on her link either on the right hand side of my blog, or on her name above if you would like to be able to make these too. As France has mentioned, they make great presents for teachers, professional friends, anyone basically.

This is my second effort. I've stamped the Imagine girl on to a domino and then basically just layered all the bits and pieces on to some scrapbooking paper.

I'm addicted and in the process of making another one. I hope I'll get a chance to finish it tomorrow. Then I really must start working on some other projects I have due.

Hope you are all having a wonderfully creative weekend.



  1. Absolutley wonderful! I can see how it would be easy to become addicted to making these! Lovely!!

  2. Super work Natty. Art you can use, I love that.
    Love the car one too.

    Jane P makes and sells loads of these at school. They go like hotcakes.


    Dawnie xxx

  3. Hi Natalie, you're so funny, you caught the bug, eh? I find hard to not make too many of something when I catch a but like that...
    Hmmm selling at school... that would be good for any school fete, huh? Thanks for the idea Dawn!!

  4. oooh these look like a lot of fun to make! love the bead faster on the oriental one and the domino too!

    The Auto Car-d (he he) is cool as well.

  5. I love this one Nat!! The black and white works perfectly. And the stamped image works well too.
    I can see how easy it would be to become addicted to them.