Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fat Book Page - Circus

I'm a little ahead of myself with these pages, but if I have an idea in my head, I like to get it down on paper (cardstock) and when I looked at the ABC groups next theme for the fat book pages, which is Circus, I knew I wanted to go with a Teesha Moore feel. I like being taken out of my comfort zone and being 'challenged' and with Teesha's stuff I do feel that way.

So my page has got the bright colours and maybe the zany clown figure (that Teesha is famous for), but I'd like to think it's got a touch of Natalie Briney in it also. It's a pretty simple page, compared to my last few efforts, but I thihk with the bright colours/images, you can go too over board, and then it just screams as being a big mess. Well Teesha can work it, but not me anyway. I forgot to mention previously that we have been decorating the front & back of these pages, but again I've been keeping them pretty simple, so haven't really bothered sharing them at this stage.

I also think with my next 9 pages (we have to do 10 in total), I will shift the wording "damn everything but the circus" over a little more to the right.

Anyhow, hope the West Aussie mums are enjoying the school holidays. Me personally, I love the occassional sleep in I get on holiday's and the non regimented feel to them.



  1. Really like the zetti feel of this page Nat. The clowns face is so quirky and the background colors really pop.
    I just received my copy of AuzzArt Zine. Well done on being featured!

  2. What a fabulous face! And the bright colours work really well for you.

  3. oh don't know about clowns being for kids lol - as Dot said, the colours pop! great effect. Hugs, Carmel xx

  4. This is so much fun. I used to really not enjoy clowns... but then I discovered Teesha's world and that whole Zetti-look and really started appreciating them. This one is fantastic - great work!!! Enjoy your extra ZZZZZZZ's.

  5. This page looks great Nat! I think the circus theme is going to be a wonderful little chunky, especially if we have nice bright colours like this on the other pages! Love the look on the clown's face....creepy spooky!

  6. Nat this is very funky I love it the zetti feel really works well you have done a great job I love touch of briney as well !!!

  7. CIRCUS!!!!!!!!!! ohhh i love the design and the colours used. It's fun. I have quite a few circque stamps but never quite know what to do with it... :o)