Sunday, April 08, 2007

Not much time for ArT of late but.........

needed to make a bday card for my sister in a relative hurry. Where have the months gone?? April already and another busy month for birthdays oh and May also. So gotta get cracking on some more in the next week or so.... hmmm where are those extra hours I need in a day to do all the things I want to do ??? Does every woman feel this way... anyway I digress.....

So whipped out the water soluble oil pastels (thanks to Dawn who introduced them to me and also bought a packet for me :-)) and made this quick bday card.

Gotta love those Stampington stamps. They are def one of my fav stamp companies.


  1. What a fabulous colour combination Nat! A potter told me on the weekend that purple and mustard are the new blue and white! I said they had always been gorgeous. Beautiful layers as always.

  2. Nice!!!
    Looks like water soluble pastels are going to be on the "wish" list... They make great backgrounds too!
    You know, reading Julie's comment, I remember that Eggplant and Butterscotch (Adirondack colours) are great together, that's close to purple and mustard? enough for me :)

    Great artwork, and when it's quick, it's even better!

  3. i didn't know there were water soluble oil pastels... wow... i have oil pastels that are great but kinda messy. I've only ever used them twice. Your card is just sooooo vibrant. The colour combo worked out great!

    Ah we were out driving in the bush to Hopetoun on the weekend, and as we passed various small towns, I kept wondering what Tom Price was like. lol


  4. Jacky5:25 AM

    Gorgeous colours Nat... mmmmm must look into those water soluble oil pastels too! There's always something else we "need"....

  5. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Natalie...this card is gorgeous and those colors are it.

    p.s. I would like a 36 hour day, lol...but then i probably would still be short on time :o)

  6. what a fabulous sister you are to make her a homemade card. wouldn't happen to any of mine ;) gorgeous colors and card. i keep thinking in need to pull out my water soluable oil pastels, but i just keep forgetting. acrylics always come in my way first.

  7. what deep,rich and gorgeous colours youve choosen.

  8. the colours are lovely, gotta love those oil pastels too. David is at Port Hedland today...says it is really humid and hot - have you got used to the weather yet? It is just the way I like it now down here.