Sunday, February 04, 2007

A Canvas for a Friend

I made this canvas today for a friend who's having a bit of a rough time of late. I guess you could say it's ala Claudine Hellmuth style in a lot of ways, with the house and the sun and the flowers. But maybe with a twist of Natalie Briney added to it.
Hope she likes it! and most importantly, hope it cheers her up.


  1. think i just caught you posting! ;) this is sooo beautiful! yes, add your own twist ... and i bet this will cheer her up and make her feel special. gorgeous!!!

  2. What a lovely gift Nat.It made me smile so bet it does the trick and makes the lucky gal VERY happy.
    Love the background.


  3. hi Nat, this is just gorgeous. Love the whimsical cheerful feel to it. Love the background and the flowers are wonderful!!


  4. Nat love this piece you are so sweet to make someone else feel better,you are a sweet girl

  5. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Who could NOT be cheered by that!?
    Your friend is very lucky.

  6. Oh, how did I miss seeing this post!! Nat, this is beautiful. I love the happy and whimsical feel to it. Am sure your friend will love it (you are very thoughtful to make something for her).

    So glad to see your art is blooming up there in Tom Price!!

  7. This is just wonderful!!! I am sure it will be appreciated. i love the CH/Ng style with stronger colours and outlines.

    I have been thinking about you! And I am so glad your muse travelled well!