Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Some work from me now -

Here is my latest page for the ABC group. 8 pages to go... the theme here is Retro. Thanks Kelsey for picking this theme (NOT).... Ok so it's not a style I normally work in. I love and admire what people do with it (especially Kelsey who does such fabulous Retro work), but I just found this so difficult. Not my best work ladies, sorry, but anyway hopefully you still like it. Well you gotta love the quote anyway!


  1. Excellent colours Natty, and I think you hit the retro nail right on the head. Bet your pages are received with joy.Beautiful quote . I think I like it even more because its TRUE. HA !

    So glad you liked the calender Natty.Just letting you know we love and miss you.

    Dawnie xxx

  2. the quote rocks!!!

  3. See!!! You CAN do Retro!!! It's perfect Nat, I've used that pic before too so I know now that you can do it! Love the quote too.

  4. hey busy girl! this is so beautiful! and forgot to post on artchix group - but your art on the homepage looks fabulous! way to go!!!

  5. just looked at it again and it's really perfect!!! as is the quote ;)

  6. oooh your style has changed NAT!!! LOVEEE the retro look. it's so funky!!