Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fabulous Gift from Fabulous Friends

Today I received a 'care' package from my sister in law in Perth. For those that might be new visitors to my blog, I've recently moved to a remote country town in Western Australia, and my SIL - Ann Gerlach, is going to send me 'care' packages to keep me in touch with the "stamping/arty" world of Perth. In this care package, aside from lots of yummy goodies, was a surprise! A group of my friends got together and made some ATC's and put these together in the form of a calendar. So I can flip to Febrauary for example, and on the opposite page, is an amazing piece of artwork! So hopefully blogger will allow me to load all the pics of these ATC's below.

First one on left is from my SIL - Ann Gerlach

This one is from the very talented girl - Annie van Leeuwen

This absolutely gorgeous ATC, that I took a crap scan of (my scanner doesn't like lumpy bits), is from Carmel Trigwell.

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