Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gothic Arch Book by Belinda Schneider and friends

Check this out for some eye candy and inspiration!

Not many replies yet to my original post about me hosting one of these swaps, so will wait a bit until I get some more players. I'm thinking I like the idea of the coptic binding, but then I also like the idea my friend Dawny Thomas came up with, where everyone binds their own and then they get the 'look' they are after. Hmmm some more food for thought.


  1. Hi Nat, I'll play!!! love the collaborative book stuff - aren't these altered canvas's are a mind blow. Congrats on your recent win - voted for you lol. Will be great to catch up in March. Taidgh is fine, stitches out on Fri. Hugs, Carmel xxxx

  2. I have just come back from spending 30 mins drooling over the link on this post. Oh Nat what beautiful work. I would really, really love to take part in this swap now.

    Am going to go home right now and play with my new stamps!

  3. nat, yes, that's what we also did. we all did/will do our own binding. i originally had something totally different in mind. but then when you have all the pages ... i knew what to do with mine. i have to look for beryl's book and see what she did. i honestly have no idea. :)

  4. Jacky3:58 PM

    Hi Nat, I would love to be included in this swap. I happened upon Belinda's blog earlier in the week and was totally in awe of her work. I love Klimt and was especially taken with her Klimt Fairy.
    Loved the Gothic Arch book so would love to join in.

  5. hi Nat,

    i wanna play too if you host this swap. Will definiately be outside my comfort zone.. her backgrounds are just awesome.