Thursday, February 15, 2007

Fat Book Page

Ok so I went to water aerobics tonight for the first time in my life! Thanks to Jaimie for convincing me it was a good thing. So I dragged my lilly white wobbly body down to the local pool and gave it a shot. Before tonight, I had been thinking "water aerobics isn't really a work out". WELL let me tell you, I ate my words after about the first 5 mins, not to mention about a litre of pool water!!

Anyway I digress, here is my latest Fat Book Page for the ABC group - theme is Wings. Thanks to Belinda Schneider for sending me the white wings recently, I love them. I have been itching to use them, but hadn't (until now) found the 'right' image to go with them.
The half flower I've made using the photo turns, I would have liked to have put further over to the left hand side of the page, but there will be binding going down that side and I didn't want to jam up Kelsey's brand spanking new binder!! Dont think I'd be very popular...

As usual my scanning is dodgy......things/colours/lumps are always better in the flesh.


  1. well, i put in the ? and at least i arrived already at the footwear post, so it moved up!! what is this blogger thing? anyway, i will really try to remember now when clicking over to you to click on the archive. this is so gorgeous!! that turquoise/copper is fantastic, i just admired your atcs in real this morning. oh, and yes, the glass didn't break at all!!! and the white wings fit perfectly. it's sunny here today, gorgeous. how cool you do water aerobics... if i wasn't so lazy ...

  2. Beautiful piece Nat, I really like this blogger thing so I can check out what you're going to send before it actually gets to me! How organised are you.....I haven't even done Retro yet!!! Love the white wings, what's the white german scrap? Did you turn it over or is it actually white?

  3. Wonderful Nat. Top stuff.The Fat Book will be looking super flash with the binding wont it.
    AND pressies from BS.How super.Love the white German Scrap.

    Good for you going to water aerobics.It doesnt feel like a workout if you cant see the sweat hey.Hits every muscle group, so bet your sore today.
    Sounds like your settling in nicely my lovely.

    Dawnie xx

  4. Jaimie4:27 PM

    LOL - wait til we walk tonight ... and dont forget about the running group on Tuesday LOL

    LOVE the fat page piece (?) I really want to 'touch' it - beautiful

  5. Scrummy page! And how totally decadent to ignore the gold and use the scrap in reverse.

    Water aerobics - gosh it has been years. It does sound good.

  6. Beautiful page Nat. Love the colors, and the background looks very textural.

    I just popped over from Dawnies blog and have been admiring the beautiful notebook you made for her. Gorgeous work!

    Good on you for doing water aerobics. A way to keep cool in TP!!!

  7. Aqua aerobics!!! you must be aching all over after that. :o)

    Love all the texture you have going on there.. and the turquoise and copper, what great colours together, the quote, the script in the background, they all go so well together!:o)


  8. Nat,
    I absolutely love this fatbook page. I am a great fan of texture and you have combined all the elements so well. I have never seen that stamp stamped so well!