Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Get Well Card for a Special Boy

Made this card tonight for a special boy who has just had a hip operation and he's only 11! What a brave boy!! I tell you, it makes you thankful every day for having healthy children. I fall apart when one of mine get's stung by a bee, so you have to give an amazing amount of credit to his mum - Julie Guilfoile. What a tower of strength this woman is (sorry she doesn't have a blog that I know of, so can't point you in her direction).

And to top it off, she is also one of the nicest, most loveliest people I've ever met.
I do hope this brings a smile to his face when he sees it.
Hoping you're all having a wonderful week.

Hugs Natxx


  1. Jaimie5:51 PM

    Lovely card ... still to small for me :p

    I had a ball the other night - cant wait for the next 'girls' night ... chat soon :o)

  2. Beautiful card Nat, and you did all the right colours for Eamon.
    My fav stamp as well ( OK I have lots of favourites but this one is in the top 10)

    Glad your back on track and feeling better Natty.

    Miss you lots
    Dawn xxx

  3. Hi Nat, gorgeous card - like the backgroud, do spill 'how to'. It's amazing what some kids have to go through, onya! hugs, Carmel xxx

  4. oooh, this is sooo sweet of you and what a fabulous card. i bet he will smile *big* when he sees the clowns! click on the top of your blog, and you'll see what i mean. even then i don't see the current posts. maybe it's something with the settings?

  5. Beautiful card Nat. I am sure your friend will love it.

    Very, very thoughtful of you.

    Love you

    Dotee xoxo

  6. P.S Hope you are feeling much better too.

  7. this is a beautiful card Nat you are such a sweet person to do this for him